The Administrative-economy block supports the realization of medical-diagnostic process, plans and executes the economic, budget and financial management of the centre.
The general administration consists of 4 sectors:

  • Financial-accounting Secto;
  • Human resources Sector;
  • Office and Correspondence Sector;
  • Transport-technical Sector.

The information ensurance of the activities in the four functional aspects mentioned above is realized by:

  • computerized information system with base, consisting of statistic data about main quantity and quality characteristics of the medical and supporting activities, done in the hospital;
  • computer net, including accounting, the cashier office, “Personal staff” and LWS offices;
  • the availability of pharmaceutical products in the hospital drug store and their movement, storage

The optimal structuring, the good information ensurance and the high professionalism of the officials in the administrative-economy block:

  • helps for the effective work of the hospital system introduced for operative programing, annual and strategic planning, mathematic-economic modeling and management of all types of hospital activities' necessary resources;
  • gives the opportunity for widening the economic independence of the hospital and for more effective usage of the existed reserves;
  • allows further improvement of the economic, serving, social and other activities and providing accurate control over the appropriate realization of expenses done in monetary, energetic and information nature;
  • is a guarantee for maintenance of the equipment, technical and installation systems, security and safety of the patients and of the staff in all medical and supporting structures in the hospital.