The medical-diagnostic clinical laboratory is equipped with modern diagnostic technique. 
It works in accordance with the requirements of the medical standard and participates in a program for National system for Outer estimation of the quality /NSOEQ/ and has the appropriate certificates.

The Clinical laboratory realizes the following laboratory analysis of:

  • blood and blood cells;
  • proteins;
  • lipids;
  • electrolytes and sugars;
  • olig-elements;
  • enzymes, hormones, immune factors (tumor markers) and drugs;
  • hemostasis processes and factors;
  • urinal analysis;
  • immune-chromate-graph fast test;
  • substrates;

samples for the goals of internal-laboratory quality control.
The laboratory has modern analytic equipment, as hematological counters, selective automatic clinic-chemical analyzers and analyzers for high-specialized clinic-chemical analysis.

pavlina-ivanova-nachalnikHead Physician of the Clinical laboratory
Dr Pavlina IVANOVA
Phone: +359 82 819914
Dr Pavlina IVANOVA
Head Physician of the Clinical laboratory
1994 – she graduated Higher medical education from MU – Varna.
By 01.11.1995 she has worked as a regional pediatrician to DRH – II PRD.
1995-1998 – she was a GP-doctor to Ruse Municipality, HSO, Marten Village.
1998-2005 – Intern in the Clinical laboratory of MC 1 Ruse PLtd.
2005 – till now – Head Physician of the Clinical laboratory of COC Ruse PLtd.
2005 – she gained a specialty in “Clinical laboratory” and “Health Management”.
She is a member of BDA.