Its main mission is to increase the quality of the whole complex of activities to achieve maximum effect from the appropriate diagnostics of malign tumors, quarantee for longer life and comfort of the patients.

The clinical pathology has an important role for the appropriate diagnostics and staging of the oncological diseases, by analyses of:

  • Cytological materials of hemorrages, punctures, invasive methods;
  • Endoscope material and material of puncture biopsies;
  • Resection material and incision surgical material;
  • Doing pathological-anatomic autopsies.


Head Physician of the Department  
Phone: +359 82 819930
1994 - Graduated Higher medical education from MU - Varna
1995 - 2002 - Worked in DRCH - Dobrich Town, as an Intern in Pathological-anatomic Department.
Since 2002 - Head Physician of Clinical Pathology Department - COC Ruse PLtd.
She has gained a specialty in “General and Clinical Pathology”.
Participations in thematic meetings, seminars and conferences in the country.