Functional and functionally morphological diagnostic analyses /without analogues/ of organs and systems, quantitive parameters:

  • Scintigraphy of joint and bone system - whole body joint and bone scintigraphy; target scintigraphy of bones; three-phase dynamic scintigraphy of joint and bones;
  • Urinal system - static renal scintigraphy and respiratory renal scintigraphy;
  • Perfusion scintigraphy of lungs;
  • Hepatobiliary system;

Radio-immunology - analyses of tumor markers.
It uses modern radio-nucleids with diagnostic and therapeutic aim. It has SPECT gamma camera, giving three-dimension graphic and function of all organs and systems in the human organism. Tumor markers are analyzed with high accuracy. The Department serves dispensary patients with oncological diseases and patients with neo-oncological diseases, directed by a specialist from the out-hospital medical help, by a Contract with NHIS and other medical institutions. 

The Nuclear Medicine Department realizes high-specialized activities on clinical ways by a Contract with NHIS and by patient's desire, paid. 


Head Physician of the Department - Dr. Antoaneta TSVETKOVA.

Dr. Antoaneta TSVETKOVA
1992 - Graduated Higher medical education from MU - Varna.
1999 - She gained a specialty in Nuclear medicine
Since 1995 she has worked in COC Ruse PLtd.



Dr. Valentina MITEVA
Phone: +359 82 819923