In the Room the following activities are done:

  • diagnostics of onco-dermatological diseases and pre-cancers;
  • primary and secondary consultative examinations;
  • planning in the “waiting list”;
  • forming the documents for reception in the stationary.

Medical-diagnostic activity for complex treatment, including:

  • immune therapy with BCG vaccination /every Wednesday: 11-12.00 a.m./;
  • taking material for cyto-analysis and biopsy;
  • electro-coagulation.

The consultative examinations of patients, directed by specialists and GP doctors. Labor expertise. Prophylactic examinations by patient's desire /on affirmed price list/.
In the Room a doctor with high qualification and narrow specialized professional direction in oncology and dermatology works.
The Room has dispensary monitoring for patients with malign formations of derma, lips and penis, malign melanoma, sarcoma of Kapogi.

Head Physician of Dermatological Room
Dr Kulinski has gained specialty in Dermatology
Phone: +359 82 819918