“There are things in life, which worth to fight till the end!”
kamen-kojuharovManager - Dr. Kamen Kozhuharov
Phone: +359 82 819910
1992 - Graduated Medicine from the Medical University - Varna and Medical Academy - Sofia City. 05.01.1993 - He started his working experience in the Transport Hospital - Ruse, as an intern-surgeon.
Since 01.07.1996 - has worked in the Oncological dispensary - Ruse, Surgical Department, as a surgeon.
In 1998 - gained a specialty in Surgery. He specialized Oncology in HATOSS - Sofia.
2002 - gained a professional qualification in “Social and Health Management”.
2010 - gained an additional professional qualification in Health management.
Since 27.07.2010 - He has been a manager of “Complex Oncological Centre Ruse” PLtd., after a competition won. 


Chief Nurse - Antoaneta GABROVSKA
Phone: +359 82 819950
1986 - she graduated from HHCSOSI “Dr N. Nikolaev” - Varna, specialty in “Obstetrics”.
By 1992 she has consequently worked as an obstetric nurse in Krasen Village and Nikolovo Village, Ruse District.
From 07.1992 to 01. 2000 she was a patronage obstetric nursein COC Ruse.
By 01.07.2000 she has been a Senior Nurse.
01.07.2000 - till now she has been a Chief Nurse in COC Ruse.
1998 - she got Master degree in “Administrative and Health Management” - VTU “Sv. Sv. Kiril I Metodii”.
2008 - she graduated from MU - Pleven, “Health Care Management” - Bachelor degree.


Chief Accountant - Stoilka BORISOVA
Phone: +359 82 819920
1987 - she graduated from HFWE “D. A. Tsenov” - Svishtov, Master degree in Economics, specialty in “Finances and credit”.
2001 - got professional qualification in “Social and Health Management”.
Since 15.03.1993 - she has worked in COC Ruse PLtd. as a Chief Accountant.