The Department has 38 beds. It also has Medical Oncology Department for stay up to 12 hours / daily stationary /. There are 9 beds for palliative care, too.


Diagnostics and drug treatment of solid tumors in the most modern and affirmed in Bulgaria and the European Union therapeutic schemes are done in the Department.
In the drug treatment different drugs are used. Some of them can be chemical-therapeutic medicaments /cyto-toxical/, created to remove the tumor cells, other ones - to stop the development of the tumor and its spread /target agents, cyto-statics/. There are such ones, which include hormones and maintaining therapies.

In general, chemical therapy is a treatment of tumors by chemicals. In cooperation with surgery and radiology, chemical therapy forms one of the main segments in tumors' treatment. It is very strictly applied, in accordance with the type of the tumor and the historic data of the patient. In certain types of tumors the chemical therapy is the only possible method for treatment. Some tumors require consequently or cooperative providing of chemical therapy and radiology, but there are some, which require the providing of chemical therapy before or after operation. The whole duration and frequency of application depends totally on the chemical-therapeutic scheme, chosen according to the patient's status.

The chemical-therapeutic procedures are done under the observation of specialists, qualified nurses, educated to cope with the psychological and physical necessities of cancer patients.

There work 5 doctors, two of them - with two specialties - Internal diseases and Oncology. They have passed training course in diagnostics and treatment of the main diagnostic groups of oncological diseases.
Established activities in providing clinical and therapeutic examinations in the aspect of Medical Oncology are done. 


Head Physician of the Department 
Dr Katerina GENOVA
1990 - Graduated Medicine from Medical Academy - Sofia.
1990 - 1992 - Worked as a GP doctor in Elderly People Home “Vuzrazhdane” - Ruse. 1992 - 2000 - Doctor in Chemi-cal-therapeutic Department -MDDHS - Ruse. Since 2000 - Senior Intern in Medical Oncology Department - COC Ruse. Since 2010 - Manager of the Medical activity.
2000 - Gained a specialty in internal diseases. 2004 - Gained a specialty in Oncology.
Post-graduated qualifications: Health Management; Ultra-sound diagnostics of abdominal organs, endocrine glands, mammal glands; Innovations in Medical Oncology; Thematic trainings in Oncology, etc.
Chief explorer - phase II, III and IV with the following indices: mammal cancer; lung cancer; prostate cancer; colon-rectal carcinoma; stomach carcinoma; renal-cell carcinoma; pain-killing at oncological patients, etc. since 2000 - till now.
He is a Member of: BDA, Bulgarian Oncological Association. Participates in MOEU. 

Dr Ivan IVANOV; Dr Valerii YORDANOV 
Dr Orlin KORABOV; Dr Lyudmil STANEV
Senior Nurse - Iskra TOMOVA

Head Physician of the Department: 082/819 941 
Doctors: +359 82 819917 
Nurses: +359 82 819944, 819943 
Medical secretary: +359 82 819962