Oncological Surgery Department - COMPLEX ONCOLOGICAL CENTRE – RUSE PLtd.


The Department has 20 beds.

Operations with different volume and complication are done, including with very big volume and complication of malign and benign tumors and pre-cancers.
The equipment meets the criteria for the surgical standards; the team is high-qualified.
The Department realizes pre-operative preparation and post-operative treatment and care of patients.
The following activities are pre-operatively done: laboratory and instrumental analyses; consultations with cardiologist; consultations with anesthesiologist.
In case of necessity consultations with other specialists are done: neurologist, endocrinologist, etc.
Goal: estimation of the necessity of operation and its volume.
The patients post-operatively are led to the Anesthesiology and Intensive treatment.

There in planned and emergency order conventional operative interventions in the diseases of the following organs are done: thyroid gland; mammal gland; gastro-intestinal tract; stomach; duodenum; colon and intestines; liver, gall bladder, gall ways, spleen, perineum and ani; dermatological tumors.
In the operative treatment of malign tumors the principles of multi-disciplinary way in the fight against cancer are strictly kept.


Head Physician of the Department
1983 - Graduated Higher medical education from HMI - Pleven Town.
By 1986 - He has worked as an Intern-surgeon in the Surgical Department - RTDH - Ruse.
1986-1992 - Intern-surgeon in the Oncological dispensary - Ruse.
1989 - He gained a specialty in “Surgery”.
2001 - Graduated “Social and Health Management” - EA “D. Tsenov” - Svishtov Town.
He has got different certificates.
Since 1992 he has been a Head Physician of the Surgical Department - COC Ruse PLtd.

Dr Galina PETROVA; Dr Biser NACHEV
Dr Aleksandar YOVCHEV; Dr Atanas PARAPANOV 
Senior Nurse - Penka VELIKOVA

Head Physician: +359 82 819931 
Doctors: +359 82 819968 
Senior Nurse: +359 82 819951
Nurses: +359 82 819933