The Department has 54 beds. There is a Radiology Department for stay up to 12 hours /daily stationary/, too.

The medical activity of the Department is strictly organized in accordance with the modern standards and the main algorithms of radio-therapy of tumor diseases. Nowadays the technology used for providing radiotherapy is so advanced, that the beam of rays can be adapted to the shape of the tumor and delivered to the irradiated area with a high degree of precision and intensity.
The radiotherapy is usage of ionizing radiation to destroy the malign cells and it is a part of the forms for cancer treatment, realizing control over the development of the tumor cells.
Approximately 60 to 80 % of all cancer patients are subject to radiotherapy at least once in the process of treatment. The radiotherapy is used to cure, in adjuvant environment / increasing the effectiveness of other treatments /, with palliative goal / where the treatment is impossible and its goal is related to symptomatic relief /.

The Radiotherapy Department cares for its patients with a high-qualified team of specialists, who use very precisely the equipment, which meets the world criteria. In the Department the following specialists work: radiotherapists; medical physicians; radio-laboratory workers; nurses.
All of them have practical experience of national class.
In the program for planning of treatment are also included procedures, related to graphic analyses and diagnostics. The most modern technology for defining the tumor limits is used, and more exactly - by graphic analyses and transfer of data.

The main types of activities are done:
1. Participation in the team discussion of the medical plan about each patient.
2. The whole volume of medical activity of malign diseases is done, and also at benign tumors: pre-operative, definitive, post-operative, palliative radiotherapy.
It is compulsory for this activity to pass through the stages, ordered by practice: Clinic-biological planning; Anatomic-topograph planning; Dosemetric planning; Radio-therapeutic execution; Control over the radio-therapeutic plan; Monitoring of the patients for early radiative reactions; Estimation of the medical results; Monitoring of the patients.
3. Labor-medical expertise at temporary and lasting working disability is done.

In the Department are provided:

  • Tele-gamma-therapy - the gamma-radiation of the radioactive source - cobalt is used in it. At the moment the tele-gamma-therapeutic apparatus “TERABALT 80 / ACS” is used, in cooperation with computer-tomograph, computer planning system and virtual stimulator. This is one of the best apparatuses in its class for radiotherapy of malign formations of: mammal gland, the uterus body, the cervix, lungs, rectum, soft texture, mouth cavity, urinal bladder.
  • Deep radiotherapy with “TERAPIKS C-250” apparatus.
  • Surface radiotherapy with “TERAPIKS 150 - T” apparatus.
  • Clinical dosemetry - the individual dosemetric plans of the patients, treated in both sectors of the Radio-therapeutic Department are worked out.


Head Physician of the Department
Dr. Bilyana KORABOVA
1997 - Graduated Higher medical education from MU - Varna.
She got a job as a regional therapist in Therapeutic Room - III Poly-clinic - Ruse Town.
Since 1999 - Doctor-intern in the Radiological Department - MDDAHS - Ruse PLtd.
2008 - Gained specialty in Radiotherapy - IECT, Sofia City.
Participation in Balkan school in Oncology, Volos Town, Greece. 
Many thematic courses done in the country.

Senior Nurse - Veselina RAICHEVA

Head Physician: +359 82 819965 
Doctors: +359 82 819924 
Nurses: +359 82 819929 
Radiology laborants: +359 82 819926