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the old part of the building, basement (on the right hand side from the elevator)


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Working Hours With Patients: 08.00am – 1.30 pm
Phone: +359 82 819 923

In the Nuclear Medicine Department are performed functional morphological diagnostic tests (without analogues) of organs and systems, quantitative parameters – by inversion and in vitro methods, as well as the metabolic radionuclide therapy:
  • Bone system – bone marrow scintigraphy;target scintigraphy of bones
  • Excretory system – kidney function; dynamic, static and target renal scintigraphy
  • Thyroid scintigraphy
  • Perfusion scintigraphy of the lungs
  • Radioimmunology – tumor marker research
  • Metabolic Brachytherapy

The department has a SPECT gamma camera, giving a three-dimensional image and a function of the tested organs and systems. With high precision of the RIA method, tumor markers are tested.

The Nuclear Medicine Department serves dispensary patients with oncological diseases and patients with non-cancer diseases, directed by specialists from outpatient medical care, under contract with NHIF and other health institutions.

The Nuclear Medicine Department performs highly specialized activities on clinical pathways under contract with the Health Insurance Fund and at the patient’s request – for a fee.

The work in the department is performed by highly professional staff:

  • Antoaneta TSVETKOVA, M.D.
Antoaneta TSVETKOVA, M.D.

Born on 17.07.1963 in the town of Ruse. Completed higher medical education at the Medical University – Varna in 1992. She acquires major Nuclear medicine in January 1999 at the Medical Academy in Sofia.


  • European School in Nuclear medicine – 2000. Golden Sands
  • National conference on Nuclear medicine – 2004. SALOZ Sofia
  • Congress on Nuclear Medicine, Radiation and Radiology 2006. sunny Beach
  • Individual courses and trainings for novelties in nuclear medicine

  • Valentina KOTSEVA-MITEVA, M.D.

Born on 12.09.1954 in town of Gorna Oryahovitsa. Graduated the Medical University of Varna. In 1992 acquires major in Medical radiology.


  • Congress of Nuclear Medicine, Radiation and Radiology 2006. Sunny Beach

Neli ASENOVA, M.D. – specializing in nuclear medicine

Halil ASHIMOV, M.D. – specializing in nuclear medicine

Senior Laboratory Technician – Galina DARAKEVA

Complex Oncological Center Ruse Pltd.

Complex Oncological Center Ruse Pltd.

In a case of emergency please call us or come in our center.

+359 82 819 911

Phone: +359 82 819 911

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