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Surgical Ward – Umbal Kanev Ltd. floor 9


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Working Hours With Patients: 08.00am – 1.30 pm
Phone: +359 82 819 960


Anesthesiologic and intensive medical activity according to the accepted “National standard on anesthesiology and intensive treatment“.

  • Pre-surgical anesthesiologic consult for patients subject to surgical interventions. The surgical interventions are provided with anesthesia performed on the basis of medical specialty “Anesthesiology and intensive treatment” for safety and adequacy.
  • At AITW essential vital functions of the patients are maintained.Non-stop monitoring is performed. All patients with acutely occured life-threatening disturbances of haemodynamic, breathing, mind and homeostasis are cured, as well as such for whom is expected similar disturbance in the following hours.
  • The doctors and nurses in the ward provide 24-hour duties.

  • Irena MALCHEVA, M.D. – Chief of the ward
Irena MALCHEVA, M.D. – Chief of the ward

In 1982 she completed higher medical education at the Medical Academy in Sofia.

In 1986 she acquired major in Anesthesiology and reanimation.

In 1982 she started  work at the OARIL of ORB – Ruse.

Until 2002 she worked at Multiprofile Hospital for Active Treatment in Ruse.

From 2002 to 2010 she was an anesthesiologist-reanimator at “Medicus”OOD. – Ruse.

Since 2010 she has worked in Complex Oncology Center – Ruse EOOD.


  • Svetlozar FUCHIDZHIEV, M.D.

In 1989 he completed higher medical education at HMI Sofia.

In 1995 he acquired major in Anesthesiology and reanimation. He has qualification in Health management.


  • Palliative care for patients with malignancies in terminal stage – I andIImodules
  • Anesthesia with SEVORANE

  • Teodora SHERBANOVA, M.D

Professional route:
12.1997 – 07.1998 – Doctor – Epidemiology Department, HEI Ruse
07.1998 – 06.2006 – Physician Doctor – Anesthesiology ward, Intensive Surgical ward and AG KARIL, MBAL Ruse AD
07.2006 – 09.2013 – Senior Physician – Department of Anesthesiology, MBAL Ruse AD
11.2013 – 06.2015 – Head of OAIL, MBAL Ruse AD
2006 – 2015 – coordinator for tissue and organ donation, MBAL Ruse AD
07.2015 and at the moment, Doctor – EAF, KOC – Rousse – EOOD

Education and training:
1997 – Medical University Varna, Medicine, Master’s Degree
06/2003 – Specialty in Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, Medical University Varna
2005 – Veliko Turnovo University “St. St. Cyril and Methodius ”- Master of Health Management
10.2012 – Acquisition of the Doctor of Science in AIL, Medical University Varna. Topic of dissertation work: “Peri-operativeveller in orthopedic – traumatic patients”
2012-2013 – Department of Health Care, FPAA, Angel Kanchev, AIL Lecturer
09.2013 – 06.2015, Department of Health Care, PHASE, Angel Kanchev, Chief Assistant in AIL
O6.2015 and at the moment – FZZG, RU “Angel Kanchev” Ruse, Assistant Professor of AIL

Anesthesiology and intensive care qualifications and certificates:
• Regional Anesthesia Techniques (ESRA), Varna 2009.
• Respiratory Difficulty Situation Management – Varna 2010 and 2011.
• Sepsis – Contemporary Concepts – Varna 2010.
• Monograph: “Peri-operative Deliverance – a Challenge for the Healing Team – Nature, Detection, Management, Prevention”, Mediatech-Pleven, 2015.

Qualifications and certificates in the field of donation and transplantation:
• ETPOD – Essentials in Organ Donation, Barcelona, ​​Spain 2008
• Train the trainers, Granada, Spain 2011
• MTN – ETN – Rome, Italy 2012
• ETPOD – Ljubljana, Slovenia 2012
• FOEDUS Project – Ljubljana, Slovenia – 2014
• IAF Donor Coordinator Training Courses – annually from 2003 to 2014

Qualifications and certificates in other fields:
• QMS Internal Audit Certificates – ISO 14001: 2004; ISO 9001: 2008; ISO 19001: 2011 – 2010, 2014
• Certificate of medical pedagogy course – Angel Kanchev RU 2011
• Certificate in Computer Literacy Course – Angel Kanchev RU 2013

Membership in scientific and other organizations:

• Bulgarian Medical Association
• Union of Scientists in Bulgaria – Ruse Section
• Society of Anesthesiologists in Bulgaria
• Bulgarian Association for Menopause and Andropause
• Bulgarian Society for Transplantology
• Bulgarian Association of Tissue Banks
• European Association of Tissue Banks (EATB)
• American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB)
• European Association of Anesthesiologists (ESA)
• European Association for Regional Anesthesia (ESRA)

  • Vladimir SARTALANSKI, M.D.

In 1992 he completed higher medical education at the Medical University in Varna.

In 2008 he acquired major in Anesthesiology and reanimation. He has qualification in Health management.


  • anesthesia, respiratory and cardiovascular system

Congresses and conferences:

2009 – XVI National congress of anesthesiology and intensive treatment with international participation

2013 –  Congress Intensive treatment , Интензивно лечение, emergency medicine, blood and transdiffusion treatment

2016 – IV National conference of parenteral and enteral nutrition

  • Elena LADEVA, M.D.
Elena LADEVA, M.D.

In 2008, she completed higher medical education at the Medical University in Varna.

Specializing in Anesthesiology and reanimation.

Senior Med. Nurse: Jivka Ivanova

Complex Oncological Center Ruse Pltd.

Complex Oncological Center Ruse Pltd.

In a case of emergency please call us or come in our center.

+359 82 819 911

Phone: +359 82 819 911

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